Fantastic Fur

Fur is definitely a trend that is either strongly loved, or completely hated. There is no in between. As you can tell by the title, I'm a fan! Faux fur that is. Although to be fair, I do have a few incredible vintage finds that are real. The way I see it is, the pieces were made at least fifty years ago, so they would have already passed by now. However if it's a new piece, that would definitely be different.

Anyhow! There are so many accessories within this trend. Jackets, vests, key chains, shoes, jewelry and tons more.  

Just some of my favorite accessories!

Beanie: Small little boutique we found on vacation
Vest: Burlington Coat Factory
Necklaces: Burlington Coat Factory and Charming Charlie's 
Key chain: A treasure my Dad got for my stocking last Christmas, and it has lasted longer than the other two I previously had. Kudos, Dad! (The key chain itself is Coach)

This sweater here from H&M is currently on my wish list! 

Pictures via Pinterest

I completely admire both of these women for their style. They always have the greatest looks, and love to see the new fur pieces and accessories they have. 

Back in high school, I watched The Rachel Zoe Project religiously. And of course, I fell in love with all the fur vest Rachel Zoe wore and how glam she always looked wearing one. I knew it had to be  a wardrobe staple for me. 
 As soon as Fendi came out with these super fun and quirky key chains, I became obsessed. I couldn't wait to see what new one Kylie Jenner would be using. And was so excited when they came out in less expensive shops! Not sure I will ever be bored of this look. 

Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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