Gems, Jewels and Stones

Jewelry, the ever sparkling accessory. Some love to wear it all, some prefer only a piece, some switch it up daily, and then some wear their signature pieces. Jewelry is such a personal choice, and can hold so many memories. It brings you back to an amazing trip, or that cute little vintage store that held the piece of your dreams.

Growing up, that was always something I would pay attention to. And of course I would look to the women in my life that I was closest to, and see what it was that they did. Did I like it? Is that the type of person that I wanted to be? Was I just a necklace, watch and ring kinda gal? Or did I want to wear everything all at once? Or did I want to get costume jewelry, and switch it out as my taste changed? As I got older, I started looking to actresses, teachers and musicians I looked up to for more inspiration. It's ever changing and ever growing, however I think I have found where I fit in the mix of all of this. 

What always stood out to me were the people who had signature pieces that they always wore.  Jewelry, but from glasses to perfume, too. And I wanted to be that kind of person. Those pieces I would love now and forever. 

These are the pieces that I would feel naked without, and for a few of them, I would be.. if I ever took them off!  

Thanks for reading!
Leah xx


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