Green With Envy

Well, okay, not with envy.. But you see where I'm going. Not sure about you, but when a new season comes, I find myself drawn to different colors. And now that traditional Autumn in New England is here, I can finally dress in all of the glorious layers and cozy knits to my heart's content!

For the past four years, I have had some major love for the hunter greens, evergreens and emerald greens. Each year, as soon as a hint of the crisp Fall air is near, even at the tail end of Summer. I immediately switch gears and start hunting for my new coveted pieces for the cooler months coming. Without fail, the items I have added are in this shade. 

Jacket: Forever 21 (Fall 2016)
Sweater: Old Navy (Fall 2014)
Pants: Old Navy (this Fall)
Boots: Doc Marten (Fall 2013)

Zelena from Once Upon a Time, via

Via Pinterest
Thanks for reading!
Leah xx 


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