It's a Purple, Purple World

Everyone has an item that is their holy Grail. Whether it's finding the perfect little black dress, red lipstick or leather jacket; we all have one. This, is mine. 
Royal purple loafers. You saw correctly! On the other side, you will also see a pair of heels in a similar shade. While they may look like a dated pair of heels; to me they're the beginning of my love affair with fashion.

These are the first pair of heels I learned how to walk in. Up and down the hallway, until my Mom would say it was time to go back downstairs and they would go back to their spot. I would take them reluctantly off, and would wait til next time. Since then, I have come to terms with the fact that my feet will always be too small for them, no matter how much I wish. Which brings us to my hunt for the holy Grail. Each shopping trip, my mind meanders over to the shoe department. And each time, I would be disappointed because there was a lack of purple. 

Until a shopping trip mid October this year, I went into the Coach store at our local outlets, and BAM. There they were! And not only were they on sale, the only size there was left, was mine! Call it fate, a coincidence, or a happy accident; I call them my holy Grail shoes. 

Thanks for reading!
Leah xx


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