Limited Edition and Holiday Releases

Thanksgiving is officially over, which means the Holidays are in full swing! What always comes with the new season? Limited edition lines and holiday releases. Which two have I been most excited about you ask? Dior's holiday line and Bésame Cosmetics Snow White launch. 
As soon as I saw little sneak peeks of the lines, I instantly fell in love and knew I would have to have some pieces from each. As far higher end cosmetics go, I don't usually buy from their classic collections. I wait til limited edition collections or holiday lines are released, and splurge on them.
Item number one on the list! Dior's Diorific Kohl Velvety lipstick in 991 Bold Amethyst. This is my first big luxury beauty purchase. Ever. And I'm very excited about it! I have splurged on a few high end beauty brands in the past, however, never a luxury brand before. I have fallen completely in love with this and have been wearing it almost everyday since it has come into my life. 

Judging a book by it's cover, the packaging is amazing. I love the shape and the color of gold that it is. When you twist the lipstick all the way up, Dior is engraved into the lipstick, and I love the little details of that. I love how sharp the point is, which makes it great to apply, especially lining your mouth. It has incredible lasting power, and is the first dark lipstick I've tried that doesn't feather or bleed.
Items number two and three! The Fairest Vanity Mirror and Classic Book Bag. I have loved Bésame Cosmetics for quite a while, and I love the concept of everything they do. This is the first purchase I've made from them and I must say I was blown away. 

Not only did the two things I ordered come, but so did these three other little treausres! The first one is the Bésame Bugle which goes into all these amazing details about The Snow White collection and all of the work that went into creating the masterpiece that is the movie. The other two are little touches of the new Peggy Carter line that is coming out soon, and they're incredible! A letter on Stark Industries heading? Seriously can't get better! 

The packaging for the mirror is amazing and matches Snow White's dress perfectly. All of the little details make a big impact. Once I opened up the mirror, I fell in love. It has the classic style of a vintage mirror and that is something that I have always wanted. All of the little details that are engraved just make it so special and look like it came right out of a story book. I wasn't sure what to anticipate as far as the weight for this mirror, and I was pleasantly surprised because it is even heavier than I was expecting, and I'm so excited about it! Perfect addition for my lady cave! 

The last item on this little haul is the Classic Book Bag. I love the beginning of the older and classic Disney movies that have the introduction with the books. I'm a collector and lover of books, especially the old covers. As soon as I saw that this collection had the cover for two of the items, I was so excited! The eye shadow palette had it, as well as this little bag. I have a purse from the Walt Disney World Dooney and Burke bag that desperately needs a wallet, and this fits perfect! Long, thin (but fits so much!) and matches the colors, too!

All in all, I'm in love!  
Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx 


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