The Kon Mari Method and Minimalism Trend

Kon Mari and Minimalism seem to be going hand in hand, no matter where you look. Of course there are different levels, and as always, room for improvement.
Personally, I became incredibly fascinated with the concept about nine months ago. I have always been one that easily purges my belongings. Clothing too, however, maybe not as easy as I do for other things in my life. 
The more I read, and the more videos I have watched about it, I became amazed. It made so much sense. For someone who once prided herself on owning more than 100 pairs of shoes, I was a little surprised. The Gemini in me (yep, totally pulling the zodiac card) has two very contradictory sides. One) having a capsule wardrobe and sticking to only the essentials and only what I need and truly love. Two) having a large wardrobe and holding on to amazing pieces from younger years and be able to say I've had this and loved this since xyz; just like my fashion icons do.  
 So, here I am. Torn and being pulled in two very different directions. It's mainly a mindset change, and realize how advertising really does affect you. It's absolutely everywhere. 
I've become far more conscious in my purchases, and picking items that will last me longer than a few years. Also realizing that 'things' in the long term won't make you happy. Short term? Sure. They make me very happy, although as time goes on, it won't. The items that are long lasting, and I wear constantly, they have my favorite memories attached. And they do make me happy, and make me smile every time I see them. Even more than when I first bought them. So in turn, they'll always be  a part of my 'capsule wardrobe'. 
Anyhow! What are your thoughts on these popular ideas?
Thanks for reading!!
 Leah xx


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