To Shop or Not To Shop..

Tis the season! The season for sales, specials and limited edition releases coming out. There is a whole lot out there, and depending on self control, it can get a little out of hand. 
Personally, I always find myself looking through email promotions and ads online, mainly because I like seeing what's out there. Although, as of late, I've had more self control. Probably a good thing, because if I got everything I fell in love with, I would be in massive amount of debt! My trick? Here are a few questions I ask myself before I pull the trigger: 

1)  Am I only getting something because I like the brand/store and it's on sale? If yes, don't get it! It'll be sitting in your closet either with tags or hanging there only been worn once.
2) If this wasn't on sale, and full price, would I still be lusting after it? If the answer is no or not sure, don't buy it!
3) Have I been adding it to my online cart or looking at it in person, but still haven't bought it because of the price? 
4) If the answer is yes to #3, and it is on sale, is it an excellent price? Or is the discount significant enough that it's worth it to you and your budget? If it is, then get it! Certain items are well worth the splurge!

Meme via Pinterest

There's always going to be those items that you have wanted and dreamed of, however you can't justify the purchase because of the price. Typically with items like that,  their quality is amazing and they will last you a lifetime, however it is hard to take the final plunge and get it. But if they're in a holiday sale? Do it!

Happy shopping!
Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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