Trends I'm loving

Okay. Ripped denim. Groundbreaking, I know. Fishnet tights, nothing new here. However, together? BAM. That's when the magic happens!

You know those trends you see other people wear, and you think there's no way I'm cool enough for that. Guess what, you are. Just give it a try, you will never know how you feel if you don't!

So, I took the plunge. I didn't think I was cool enough to wear my favorite ripped jeans with the fishnet tights I've had in my drawer for going on 6 years, at least. I thought, it's a Monday, a day off. What could go wrong? I'm so glad I did! 

I've been seeing ways of styling the trend via Pinterest, as well as my style favorites on Instagram which made it so simple for me getting dressed. 

Not only did I fall in love with this updated look for two things I already had in my wardrobe, I bought another pair today at TJMaxx from Nicole Miller. Can't wait to style them more ways!

                               From  Pinterest


From the lovely Luanna's Instagram account

Thanks for reading!
Leah xx


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