Weekend Pamper Session Essentials

Ahh the weekend! Always the perfect time for a pamper session! Here are just a few of my essentials for the perfect weekend pamper.
 Current read: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince; nope, not late to the game! Just a comfort read, especially this time of the year. Third time around with the series and they just get better and better!
Face Mask: Am I the only one that tends to have a love hate relationship with my skin? Either we get along great, and I only need a light coverage with my foundation, then others.. Well, I need a lot more. Foundation, concealer and spot treatment overnight; the whole kit and kaboodle. Well this Japanese Matcha Tea- Pollution Clearing Mask by The Body Shop will hopefully help!!
Hair treatment: Everyone’s hair needs a little TLC with everything we put it through everyday. This weekly treatment by Overtone is my absolute favorite. I have been using Overtone’s conditioner products for a year and a half and I am in love. Not only do they smell amazing (sweet mint!) and make your hair feel incredible, they also deposit color to keep your bold rainbow hue vibrant. 
Candles: The perfect touch of cozy light and scent for the relaxing ambiance. This one is brand new and a very light scent, Sandalwood and Ginger by The Body Shop. 
Nail polish: One of my favorite parts, and will last you through til your next pamper session, is nail polish! In love with this color for the Fall and my favorite top coat is this Ciaté London Gelology. Gives SO much shine and lasts so much better.  

Thanks for reading!
Leah xx


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