Fragrance Collection

Fragrance is so personal, as are the memories we associate those scents with. Smelling any one perfume in my collection brings me right back to a certain time in my life. It is also something that has truly evolved over time. 
Looking back over my childhood, there are three scents that stand out to me the most. My mom will always smell of the original scented chapstick in the black packaging, with a light moisturizer aroma in the background. Anytime I use that chapstick, it brings me right back. My sister will always smell of Hawaiian Ginger, by Calgon if I'm not mistaken. The number of times I walked into a cloud of that, are countless. Granted she doesn't wear that anymore, a lot of her current favorites have similar undertones; that familiarity is still there. Lastly, my aunt. I truly don't have any idea what the exact scent it is that she wears, however, it's also something I recognize immediately. It's musky and rich and deep, without being too much. It's a classic scent that is always timeless. 
Why bring up those memories? Those three women have shaped me in a way I don't think they even realize. All three are strong powerhouses, and don't realize it as often as they should. And a part of being a strong woman, to me, is having that scent (or scents) that you wear as a part of your daily armor. Don't know about you, but I don't feel myself without it. Ever since I was 11, potentially younger, it has been my mission to have a signature scent. Yes, all the way back to 11 this was important to me. Because all the women role models in my life had "their" scent, so I needed mine, too.
A few little affairs started. Cucumber Melon, Black Raspberry Vanilla and Japanese Cherry Blossom; all from Bath and Body of course. However nothing quite fit. Until Winter time of 8th grade. I got a Brown Sugar and Fig hand lotion, also from Bath and Body Works. And it's like a light bulb went off. It was sweet, but it wasn't cotton candy sticky sweet. It had depth. That continues to ring true with scents for me. Depth. That continued to be my signature scent through high school, and through the beginning of me being 20. Then that's where it all changed.

I slowly started to discover other sweet yet deep scents out there, then as of the last two years I discovered the deep woodsy scents. There's such a big world out there! I've also discovered that I love to switch it up depending on the season. 
My favorite this Fall? Brown Sugar and Fig mixed with Pumpkin Cupcake, also Bath and Body. My signature scent for most of my relationship with my husband has been Velvet Sugar (also Bath and Body), the body wash of this scent brings me right back to Walt Disney World. Killer Queen-Royal Revolution by Katy Perry brings me right back to Christmas 2015, being newly engaged and also was my wedding day fragrance. Can we just appreciate the bottle? My favorite Winter time scent? Nirvana Black by Elizabeth and James, definitely a splurge but so worth it!! My current go-to's? White Musk-Smoky Rose and Nirvana Amethyst by Elizabeth and James (also love Amethyst by itself), and Midnight Ivy by Victoria's Secret. 
Those are my favorites! What are yours?
Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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