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It's amazing what adding something new to your wardrobe or new to your home can do for you. Something little or something big, it can make a world of difference. 
There have been two things I've been keeping my eye out for. A new set of silverware and a new runner for my vanity table. 
The set of silverware has been a long time coming, with me looking and hunting for the perfect set for us. Our current set is from my husband's college apartment days,  and a mix-match of a whole bunch of silverware. As in not enough space for it, whole bunch. And the hunt began for a set! Trying to find one that matches the glam look I'm trying to achieve in the kitchen, meanwhile something more on the traditional side for my husband. For a great price, ideally on clearance. Not an easy task to say in the least. 
Lucky for us, we were given a gift card to HomeGoods around Thanksgiving time by my lovely Nana. And even luckier for us, we stumbled upon the perfect set of silverware this weekend that fits both of our styles, and is a great quality that will last a lifetime.  

I bet you can't tell the color scheme for the kitchen is gray and pink, right?

Next on the wish list, a new runner. I've been looking to clean and revamp my lady cave and more specifically, my vanity table. It's amazing what changing one detail of something and rearranging, tidying and cleaning an area can make such a difference. 
I've had the same runner for over a year, and with it being black, it's terribly hard to keep clean with doing make-up every day. I took a peek at all of the runners at the moment and didn't see anything that tickled my fancy. So I moved to the place mat section, I must say, they have some gorgeous small beaded runners hidden there. Beautiful, just a little out of my budget for this specific project. As I turned to look at the other side of the aisle, I got very lucky! Lifted up some place mats, and to my surprise, there were two beaded mats, different shapes but the same color. And $3 a piece on clearance! Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner! 

The before

And the after!

Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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