How to Keep Fashion Colors BOLD

Fashion hair colors are a lot of fun! They are also a lot of work. I'm extremely lucky and fortunate that I work at a salon and spa with extremely talented co-workers who are able to do incredible work with awesome colors.
In order to get the hair color I currently have (and all the different fashion colors I have had in the past), it needs to be lightened. Washing your hair less is key, and in cold water is a huge help. However, for someone who is always cold and tends to have oily skin and scalp, that's a pain in the butt.
Enter my solution! I had had been a few different vibrant shades prior to discovering this, and wish I found it sooner!
OverTone daily and weekly conditioners that have fashion color in each of them. They have every color in the rainbow and adding more and more all the time. And if that wasn't amazing enough, they have pastel, vibrant and extreme options for each color. You're able to purchase just the daily conditioner, just the weekly conditioner or you can get the whole set, with a bonus travel-size daily conditioner.

They are so vibrant in color and smell of spearmint. When you apply it daily conditioner in the shower, let it sit, and as you rinse it out, the water runs pretty darn clear. For those of you that have or have had bright hair colors, you'll know how crazy that is! The weekly conditioner is amazing and is a great refresh. Since it's a conditioner, it's a fantastic hair treatment and feels amazing. I can usually stretch the treatment to being every other week, and it stays just as vibrant. Definitely a benefit to not putting straight color on your hair once or twice each month. 
It is by far the MOST amazing product, and I truly don't think I could continue to have fashion colors and live without them. 

Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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