Luxury Wish List

We all have those items that will forever be our must have dream items, right? Those items that you will feel like you've made it in life. Everyone else has those, too, right? Okay, maybe it's just me. Anyhow! My current list, and ever growing over time. 

Yep. Chanel Boy Bag. Cliche, right? I so don't care, because this bag. THIS bag right up there, is the bag of dreams to this girl right here. This has been THE bag to me ever since I realized careers in fashion we're actually a possibility. I'm a sucker for a classic bag with a twist. I love the classic quilted leather combined with the pewter chain giving it a slight update. Timeless. Chic. 

Viktor & Rolf SpiceBomb- Something I've discovered about myself in the past year is that I love experimenting with fragrance. Another thing I've learned? Men's cologne can smell amazing on women, too. The dream one on my list? SpiceBomb, it has the absolute best scent I've ever smelled from a cologne, one day it will be mine, and I cannot wait for that day! 

The classic Alexander McQueen accessory. My love of skulls partially comes from the brilliance and incredible designs of the late Alexander McQueen. It is something that I know would be a piece I would wear for many years to come, and hopefully I will be lucky enough to own!

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Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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