Tis the Season

"The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, in that hopes that Saint Nicholas would soon be there..."

Ahh, yes! It is that time of year again. Breaking out all of the holiday decor, setting up the tree, hanging up the stockings and preparing for all of the festivities, and of course, the traditions. 
Personally, I always find it so interesting to see  and hear what different families do for their celebrations. You never know, it may be something you want to add to yours. Last Christmas, and this year too, have been fun because my husband and I are getting to add what we each loved of our traditions growing up and adding more of what we want to do. 
It all starts on Thanksgiving. When we get home that afternoon, the trees (yes, trees) go up as do the lights and ornaments; then finish up the evening with Planes, Trains and Automobiles. For my husband's sanity, no other Christmas decorations go up until it's actually December. Once it's finally here? You better believe the stockings are up as well as all the other little touches around the house. 
My favorite part of it all? Hands down is unpacking all the ornaments. Another tradition we both grew up with and we will continue to do is adding a new ornament each year to each in our family, pups included. 

It is a blast to go through each ornament that you have collected over the years, and remember the moment you found it and made you smile, or a trip that you got it on. It's also amazing how different you can make the tree look depending on which of it's accessories you work with. Are you going for a theme? A color scheme? Or just putting all of your favorites up? 


For me, it's truly hard to choose. I love a good color scheme or theme, however I also love having all of our favorites up on the tree! Once we got our own home, I knew I wanted to have more than one for us. To be fair, there are two upstairs, one is a color scheme tree and the other is a purple tree and is up year round. It's small and cute, and makes me happy, so why take it down? 
Anyhow! Two trees in the main part downstairs. One in The Green Room aka our living room which houses our main tree and our Dining Room has the second and themed tree. I look forward to our main tree in the living room each year, however our dining room tree? It's my new favorite.
As you have seen throughout posts, we are Disney fans. So of course our Dining Room is designed after The Haunted Mansion. Lots of little hidden touches if you look hard enough. We absolutely love it! So of course there needed to be a tree that matched. The black tree is a new addition this year, thanks to my sister! You wouldn't believe how hard a black tree is to find! This tree only has black and green ornaments on it. Last year we had a pretty good start already with our collection, and it has grown a little bit more with some fun little touches. If you take the time to look that is! I love little surprises and hidden treasures like that in homes, it's always a little treat wherever you look.
Another bonus as to why I love holiday decor? It can change each year. I know some like the standard this goes here and that goes there, but where's the fun in that? I switch up my decorating quite a bit at home, so chances of that spot being open by the time I put out the decorations? Slim to none. It's like having the same accessories with the same pair of jeans, switch the top and shoes? You can change the whole feel of the look! It's ever changing and evolving, and why I'll never get bored!
 Thanks for reading and enjoy the season!!
Leah xx


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