DIY Weekends

Everybody loves a little DIY project, right? And a DIY project is necessary if you're like me, and don't work well with white clothing. Enter in today's feature!

This was the last time I wore these Buffalo David Britton- High Waisted Pam shorts as they originally looked. September 2015, people. And I still have them. I look at them and wish I could fix them. I've tried a few things to make them brighter and nothing worked. Til I changed my way of thinking. 
Lord only knows what happened to them in the wash. But the brown leather type label rubbed off on the white denim and wrecked them. So I thought, instead of trying to make them more white, why not adding more of that light orange-y pink tone instead? And even better, doing a tie dye look so I can still keep the white look?
I did a little research on Pinterest to see what style I would like, and what would the best way to go about doing it! Once I nailed that part down, I needed to get dye and rubber bands (because apparently we don't own them, no idea how home owners don't have them). 

Here you can see some of the bleeding from the label, it is even WORSE in person! I just picked up a bag of different sized bands and decided to go with RIT Dye in Rose Quartz. Next, I put all the bands on, then popped in the dye! I filled the bucket up 3 gallons and did half of the bottle of dye for 45 minutes.

I absolutely love the results! You can only see the label staining when you look inside the shorts, which is great! And hardly can see it on the outside which is even better!! 

Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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