Fashion Inspiration- Slash

Like many of you, I draw inspiration for my style and outfits from a wide array of sources; as you saw from gallery wall in my lady cave. I have two extremes, very feminine and strong women. Or 80s rockers or actors. It's pretty much all or nothing for me, and I kind of love it. Today's source of inspiration? Saul Hudson, otherwise known as the incredible lead guitarist from Guns n Roses, Slash. 
Massive hair. Top hat. Sunglasses. And of course, the hoop nose ring. 

All are incredible accessories, although one for me has always stood out more than others. Since I was 16, Guns n Roses has been hands down my favorite band. Listening to the first few notes of Welcome To The Jungle, and I was hooked. I watched the music video time and time again, and was mesmerized by how each of them had their own distinct look. What stood out to me about Slash? His nose piercing, and the incredible hoop. 
Ever since, it has  been in the back of my mind pondering, do I or don't I? A few years back I went as far as purchasing a fake one to see if I would like wearing it or if it would look ridiculous. Of course, I fell in love. Finally, I made the decision to and absolutely love it! For healing purposes, it is a stud, and once it is healed I will switch to a hoop. And I cannot wait!

Thanks for reading!
Leah xx


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