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There's some crazy percentage out there that over eighty percent of women are wearing the wrong bra size. A big part of style and of having the clothes you have look incredible is making sure you have the right size of everything in your wardrobe. There's nothing worse style wise than having the wrong color bra on under a sweater or have gapping under a classic tee.
Enter HerRoom! I don't know if other people have the same issues I do, those being my band size much smaller than most stores carry and on top of that, my cup is size is a decent size as well. Combine the two? It makes things very difficult. A few years back I went to a regular store that specializes in this after I had gone to a boutique near me that carries my actual size. However they are incredibly pricey. So I thought I'll give it a try, see if I can get measured and get something I like almost as much for a lot less. 
Boy oh boy, what a mistake that was. The woman tried to say I should be wearing the same size I was in seventh grade.  Oh honey, I don't think so. Since then, I haven't gone back to that shop nor the boutique. I searched my favorite brand of higher end bra, as well as the style and discovered HerRoom. They sell the same as the amazing boutique, and a fraction of the cost! 
If you haven't been professionally measured, I really really recommend going to a nice boutique (if the option is available), to at least get your size and start from there. From there, try on tons of styles and brands and see what you like. When I first did that, I got two bras, in two similar styles, different colors and brands. It's best to experiment and see what's out there, then once you do, check out this site! They have awesome sales and also sell bathing suits!!
Seriously so exciting if this is something you struggle with. It really is the little things! These are something I for sure splurge on once each year. I wear them everyday, and I can tell I'm in need when I only wear a few because the rest are in rough shape. Another helpful hint to having them last longer and prevent them from getting into rough shape? Hand washing them. Seems like a pain, but it really does help them last longer, and protects the investment! 

Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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