Monthly Favorites.. January 2018

January. Ahh yes, the January blues, how I did not miss you! Another month come and gone, way too fast I might add. These are the lovely favorites that have perked my mood up this month!
Let's start with fashion!

My Alexander McQueen skull scarf (I'm sure you're all shocked) and my Hudson signature Jean jacket. This scarf was my very last luxury purchase of 2017, however I didn't get the actual scarf til this month though. And where it was a more pricier purchase, I have fallen madly in love and wear it at least one a week. The cost per wear for this is truly worth it! The Hudson Jean jacket I just started wearing again part way through the month, and I have fallen back in love with it! I have had it for a few years and wore it CONSTANTLY. As of late, it's been sitting in my closet and not getting much love, til I came up with an outfit for it. And now I keep layering it over any outfit I can an it's perfect! Hudson Jean jackets are definitely very expensive, however the sleeves are the most flexible sleeves I've ever experienced on a denim jacket. Can't beat that!

Next up, food! 🥑🥑

Okay, I'm a little late to game on this one. But avocados on toast is GROUNDBREAKING. Toast and avocado, amazing. Toast, eggs and avocado even better! Adding it sliced to a chicken wrap with ranch, fantastic. I've been adding it to anything and everything and it is SO good! 
Last but no means least, miscellaneous favorites!

Alright, these are a random group of items, however they have probably been my top favorites of the month! 
First up, my Black and Decker Dustbuster. Can you say adulting? As you all know by now, I have a lovely pup named Daisy Rose who is a chocolate lab. A not so lovely thing about having a dog that sheds, is her beautiful hair gets trapped in the corners of the stairs. And it's all I can see everytime I walk up them. Of course I had to treat myself to one and it is LIFE CHANGING. It's way easier than sweeping and tons easier than using my big vacuum cleaner. Way more convenient and I can do it daily!
A splurge I do for our home, is the foaming hand soaps from Bath and Body Works. I get a ton at a time when they're on sale and save them til we need a new one. My favorite soap so far has been this Garden Sage and Mint. It has such a Summery freshness and it is SO good! Definitely a nice change from the sweet scents of the holiday season.
Lastly, music! I have had this Aerosmith CD on repeat in my car last month and this month, and it just makes me so happy. There are so many great songs on it. Definitely give this a try if you like them or rock music in general. Steven Tyler's voice is just out of this world! 

Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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