Mail Call and New In.. January Sales

Oh January! A fresh start, snow, sales and of course 'the blues'. The Winter blues are definitely a thing, and while mine don't typically start til further into the Winter, I've definitely had some days already. One thing that always helps is treating myself to some new things here and there, especially when they're on sale! I mean, how can you resist? And of course getting my monthly Ipsy bag always cheers me up! 

Absolutely love this month's! I have to try the face mask, although I'm super excited!! Everything has been amazing, and was so pleased to get theBalm's Mary Lou Manizer Highlight. Was my favorite last Winter and was so excited to use it again! 

Does anyone else take full advantage of Bath and Body Works Semi-Annual sales? They seriously make me so happy! It's a great way to try new scents, stock up on soaps and candles and start shopping for upcoming birthdays and Christmas. The sale right after Christmas, I always get what I can to set aside for the next holiday season. Our list of people we get gifts for is huge, and way easier to pick things up and save them throughout the year. I know seems a little crazy, however it works for us! 
And of course after I fill my cart with birthday gifts and Christmas presents, I have to treat myself, right? This round I got a body oil and a new scent in a lotion and spray. Got all these goodies for  $65 when it should have been $187! Gotta love it when they have their Semi-Annual sale and you can add 20% off on top of it!

If you follow me on Instagram (@leahmaeleahmaynot), you will know I talked about these two pairs of the Pixie Pant being on sale and being added to my collection! Seriously CANNOT wait to wear them! Old Navy was also having an incredible sale and was able to snag these bad boys for $34.97 when these were normally $34.99 each! Total score!

Happy January and sales shopping!
Thanks for reading!
Leah xx


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