Metals and Ears! Oh what fun!

Jewelry can be quite the accessory. One that I always wear are my ear rings. I typically keep the same ones for a bit and don't venture too much out of that. I used to wear all those fun long and dangly ones, until my left ear's bottom hole couldn't handle them anymore, and stopped wearing anything in my bottom one. Til now!
Hooray for 2018 and all the new trends that are coming out! I have fallen in love with the small hoops for ears. They have been all over Instagram, Pinterest and different actresses, and I've fallen in love. And a few weeks back, I found a brand being advertised on Instagram that sells them. I perused the site, not really knowing what size to get, so I started with the 8mm from J Co Jewelry. They have quite a few sizes and colors, they also have a great ring selection which I want to check out more, soon! I absolutely love them!!!

The solution to my droopy left pierced ear? My sister got me these amazing ear rings for Christmas!! They look like skeleton hands, they go right in and have a metal ball that twists on so they stay put. They also twist up so it looks like they are holding your ear! Even with my piercing being longer than it should be, it looks normal because you twist it upside down in comparison to what you would do for a typical ear ring. It's pretty awesome since I have really been able to wearing something in that spot for a few years! 
The other fun little ear rings? Both fake! Once upon a time I had my cartilage pierced (six years ago today!) Loved it, and miss it, however I don't miss it constantly getting infected or just being sore. For those days that I really miss it, I can pop this cuff on and enjoy it! Pain free no less. The other little hoop is so fun too! It came from a seller on Etsy and is meant for your nose, but it's super fun to add to your ear! Love different options for jewelry!

Of course, any talk of jewelry, Miss Daisy Rose has to be a part of it! So here are a few behind the scenes pictures of what it takes to do blog post photos. 
Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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