Skin Care Haul

Growing up, Sundays were always meant for grocery shopping with my parents. We would stop in the bakery first, walk and snack on our baked treats as we shopped up and down the aisles. My favorite part each week was stopping in the skin care aisle while my parents were looking at the refrigerator section. It was always the highlight of my week, and always looked forward finding something new for my skin that I thought had all of these problems. Ahh, to have that skin again! 
Anyhow! Skincare has always been something that I've been fascinated with. 2017 as a whole, I stuck to the same routine  and strayed away from trying new products. If it ain't broke, why fix it? Except the last few months of 2017, my skin started breaking out of these little bumps under my skin. So 2018 I'm shaking my skin care up with a drugstore skin care haul!

Soo Ae Beauty- Black Charcoal Peel Off Mask: This product is very straight forward, it is exactly what you would expect from the label. Which to be honest, is kind of refreshing. A lot of times we read skin care product's labels and expect a miracle and get lack luster results. I have tried this twice so far, I applied it the first time with a brush and the second time with my hands, I think my hands worked better. The first time I tried it all over and the second time I applied it strictly in my t-zone while adding the other mask in this haul in the rest of the area. Personally, I think a peel off mask is a little to harsh for anything outside of my t-zone; with that being said, it has done wonders for clearing my nose and chin of anything!!! Not even more strips to that good of a job! With that being said, it really does purify the skin and get anything clogging it up, be prepared for a blemish!
L'Oreal- Pure Clay Purity Mask: I have been hearing so much about these masks, and I couldn't wait to try! I was torn between this one and their charcoal mask. I figured since I got the charcoal peel off mask, I would try something else to see how it worked. I have used this twice as well, once alone and once in company of the mask mentioned above. It is very calming and soothing, my skin looks very even when I take it off. Not over drying this time of year either, which is great. 
L'Oreal- Wrinkle Expert Anti-Wrinkle Intensive Eye Care: Why yes, you do see 55+ on the label. And nope, I'm not even 25 yet. Bare with me, there is some logic here. I know genetic wise certain things are going to happen. One of those is fine lines that criss cross under the eyes, and I can already see them forming. So if this is intense, it should really REALLY help now, right? 
Garnier- SkinActive Micellar Foaming Cleanser: I was in LOVE with the micellar water that they came out with, I used the mattifying bottle with the green bottle cap. I had high hopes for this as well. It does a pretty decent job, although I still think their original micellar water does a much better job. 
Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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