Style Inspiration- The Olsens

Oh yeah, we're going there. I'm sure I'm not the only one that idolized these two moguls growing up. Granted my adoration for them probably went to a whole different level. I mean, 5th, 6th and 7th grade school pictures were wearing their line from Wal-Mart.
The shows, movies, make-up, clothing, hair tools and even the home phone; I was all about it. Heck who am I fooling? I still admire them and what they have created with The Row and Elizabeth and James. It's pretty incredible the transition that they made from being child actors to women that are strongly recognized in the fashion community for their brilliant creations. 
Anything that they do to this day, I'm still interested and fascinated, something that hasn't changed since elementary school. On the cover of a magazine? Gotta have it. Interviewed? Gotta watch it. Fashion book? Have to read it. New fragrance? Have to smell it. Something about them has always been fascinating to me, especially as they got older. 

(You can totally see a
difference in their style
and I just love that! Picture
from Life Story magazine
 featured above)
As they approached their 18th birthday, you could see a lot of the similarities, however you could also see a lot of the differences. Especially with fashion. I know a lot of fashion shows and online forums have given them a lot of harsh comments for their style. Personally, I love that they stay true to themselves no matter what criticism comes their way. They don't dress for trends or what a magazine is saying, they dress for themselves and I love that. 

(Booked featured is Influence.
Aviators are from Wal-Mart
And the round sunglasses
are from Coach)
One of the accessories that have been associated with them for years, and one of my favorites that I have adapted in my own style. Two my favorite styles that you often see them in are the classic aviators and then the oversized round frames. The aviators can definitely be a little more casual where the oversized frames are a little more dressy. I remember seeing them start to wear them around 2004, and thought they were amazing and so glamorous. So of course, I had to find a pair. Big sunglasses are still one of my favorites, even with the commentary I received from family on vacation, it never deterred me. If my idols wore them, why shouldn't I? 

(Faux fur vest is Simply Vera
By Vera Wang via Kohl's)
Another thing I associate with them is a topic that can be quite controversial. Fur. I know everyone has their own opinion about whether they like fur. Personally, I like to get a lot of faux fur items because they are seriously so soft and warm, and it adds a little glamour to everyday. As far as real fur? I have some of that, too. The only items I have with real fur are also vintage. A few coats with collars, as well as a headband. It's definitely a controversial topic that is very personal to the person. 
Both Ashley and Mary-Kate are fans of fur, and definitely something I've always connected with them. Especially this picture above, I remember seeing it the first time and just seeing Ashley's coat and going WOW. That is a look, and I absolutely LOVE it! I also fell in love with Mary-Kate's killer lime green coat in this. They have also talked about how they love vintage shopping and the treasures they have found while being out.  They feature quite a few in Influence. I just love that they could shop anywhere, and they still choose to shop vintage to find those unique pieces with special stories. 
They will always be style icons of mine, no matter if I love what they're wearing or absolutely hate it. They do it for the love of fashion and the designs, and nothing else. You got to respect that, it's becoming more and more rare.

Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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