The McQueen Scarf

This is completely a pinch me moment, 15 year old me is in shock and pure amazement! I am now the proud owner of an Alexander McQueen skull scarf. How incredibly crazy is that? One of my dream luxury items I have checked off of my list. 

How is this possible you may ask? Well for one, the holidays in the industry I work in, tends to bring in extra money. Each year I like to set aside those extra earnings for a piece or a few pieces that I wouldn't be able to afford otherwise. Last year those were my classic Adidas sneakers, my turquoise Coach New York  bowling bag and my black leather jacket. This year, it was the McQueen scarf. I was watching it online on a few different sites, one being Matches Fashion. Their price? $295. Pretty steep even with my savings. 

Then it dawned on me about another site called The Real Real. They are a designer consignment shop online that have anything and everything you could imagine at a fraction of the price. Sure, there are some things I would prefer to have brand new, although some things I'm a-okay with getting second hand. This most certainly being one of them. I was able to get this amazing scarf with shipping and first time buyer discounts for $162. 

For some, that may seem absolutely crazy. For me, it makes complete sense. I worked hard last year and this is something I've been dreaming of for almost ten years. It also is from a design house that I love and so excited to own something from them! Alexander McQueen is part of the reason I love skulls and skeletons. When I discovered and fell in love with this scarf, I was going to through quite a bit as far as health was concerned. With that being said, there was tons of x-rays, and thus the love affair with skulls began. 

I absolutely cannot wait to play with it and style it in all kinds of fun ways! Stay tuned!

Thanks for reading xx


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