Trends I'm Loving and Trends I'm Avoiding

Trends. Follow them or not to follow them, that is the question. Typically, I like what I like. Whether that means I'm inspired by some of the new trends, so be it. However I definitely don't go following them just because everyone else is. I'm a firm believer in not trying something style wise strictly because everyone else is, and not because you even like it.
Oversized check plaid blazers and raw hem jeans with boots. I'm all about them. In case you haven't seen in my recent Outfits of the Week posts. I'm seriously in LOVE.

I just love how the cropped raw hem just grazes to top of the boot. With fun patterned boots like this, it just gives me all the rock n roll vibes and I'm all about it! A pair of boots like these or a pair of Converse high tops I'm on the hunt for so I can style mine right!

Blazers have always been one of my favorite wardrobe staples. Since the first time in 7th grade when I got one for the start of the school year, it's been an ever growing love affair. I just love the powerful feeling you get when you wear one. I love that they can be dressed up or dress down. I especially have been loving the different styling with the Prince of Wales check plaid, and I've been OBSESSED with my Pendleton blazer for this very reason. I've loved it for many years, and so glad it happens to be on trend, those big shoulder pads and all.

Two trends that aren't quite up my street and are making getting chunky knits this year awfully tricky are the neck cutout sweaters and the bell sleeve sweaters. I enjoy these sweaters in theory as well as on someone else, I just don't think they would work for me. If I'm wearing a sweater, I want to be all snuggly and warm, hence why I'm wearing a sweater. I don't want to be chilly and I know I would be. The bell sleeves I know for sure would be dipped in everything throughout my daily travels and just doesn't seem practical for me. Is anyone else finding it hard shopping for sweaters this season? You love the color and the knit, then discover it's in one of these styles? So tricky!

Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx

(All photos for this post were found via Pinterest or Google images)


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