90's Revival

What once was old is new again. Well isn't that the truth! Growing up, you always hear people say that about fashion and trends. You kinda just know it's true, however you can't always point out those out from your own memories. Well. I can now say it's true. Trends do really come back around. 
The 90s revival trend has been BIG. I'm talking chokers, dark nude lipstick, mom jeans, flannels, Doc Martens, fishnets and small sunglasses. Oh! And those slip dresses with a white tee. Ohhh the trends of the 90s! Little did I know that the styles that were popular in my youth would come back around.
Seeing as I was born in the earlier part of the decade, I  wasn't able to take full advantage of most of these styles and trends. Of course I'm taking full advantage of the lipstick, chokers, Doc Martens and fishnets. My most favorite by far? A classic flannel. That has always been an item of clothing I connect to my childhood because my Dad has always worn them. And I always used to joke that I would marry a lumberjack because I love anything and everything flannel and plaid. 
I have always styled them one of two ways. The first being worn button up with jeans or leggings, or worn open and layered with another shirt. The one way I've always wanted to and never thought I could pull it off? Wearing it tied around my waist looking oh so casual. 

I've discovered that I absolutely love styling them like this, and I think that it looks incredible! It gives an extra layer and interest to the look, and gives an extra layer of warmth in case you you need it! 

Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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