A Man Named Chuck Taylor

Hey now you're an all star.. Converse All Star that is! Chucks, Converse, whatever you want to call them, have been an extremely popular shoe for many years; and even more years to come. You connect them to with the 70s and basketball, punk rockers and trendsetters. There is something for everyone to love about them. Me? My favorite black pair are connected to a lot of my favorite memories with my husband as they were my 'adventure shoes'. 
They have have on my radar for quite some time seeing as my sister wore them quite a bit in her high school years. When I got into middle school, I fell madly in love with a pair I saw my friend wear. Kelly green high tops. Ever since that day in 7th grade, I have wanted them.
As time went on, and my adventure shoes have become my painting shoes, I replaced them with black on black low tops. While I love them, I miss the pop of white they had. And as you know from my recent Wish List post, I have been wanting to get a pair of booties or high tops to go with my cropped raw hemmed jeans. I've been really going back and forth, back and forth about do I get the bold green pair I've wanted since middle school, or do I go for the classic choice I know I'll love? 

Well, little did I realize there was a third hidden option, that I didn't know about til December! A co-worker of mine got her kids a custom pair of Converse for each of her kids. And when I say custom, you can pick every tiny detail of the shoes, all on Nike's website! Cool, right? While I fell in love with the idea, I had no idea of what I wanted to do! So many ideas and colors would be so much fun, but would they look like utter chaos? In the bad sense of the word, of course. 
Then one day I was scrolling through Instagram and saw Megan Ellaby's latest post. And the heavens opened up and sang because finally, here was my answer! 

The best of all the worlds! Absolutely in love and cannot wait to get them in!

Thanks for reading!!


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