Color Coordinating.. Hair and Accessories

Peacock. Plum. Lavender. Red. Teal. Emerald. Some of my favorite colors, and also all of the hair colors that I have done thus far. Prior to working in a salon, I had never colored my hair anything major other than trying a darker brown in a semi-permanent color. Nothing too ground breaking or exciting to say the least. 
Now that I have had  fun and bright colored hair, I think it would be a little bit odd for me to have a more natural color. For some, it's weird to have bright green hair, and for me it feels more natural; my inner mermaid coming out. A question I get asked a lot, especially working in a salon is, you must change your hair a lot. The thing is, I don't really.
For starters, we're busy at work so we don't have a lot of time to do my hair. However when time allows, and my roots are crazy, then we touch my color up. However I tend to stick to a color for quite a while. I was in the purple family for over 2 years, teal was 2 years as well, and August will be a year that I've been emerald. 
One thing I notice that I do when I have a bright hair color is that I end up adding new items into my wardrobe, usually accessories, that match or are in the same color family as that hair color. That is definitely true for the lavender and emerald, although I love those colors anyway. The teal is a slightly different story since it's my favorite color, and those items are in my wardrobe anyway! 
And now when I look in my closet, and see those items I purchased when I had that hair color, they make me smile. They still get used and are loved of course; but they make me smile because of the memories. It brings me back to when I purchased it, and all the adventures I went on with it and how much fun I had with that new hair color.  

I deemed this color Fairy Princess Purple, I got it done at the beginning of the Summer of 2013, and was also shortly after I started dating my husband. Absolutely loved this! 

This little gem was such a find! I was at a huge, and I mean HUGE, flea market with a friend of mine and her husband. There was seriously so many things to look at and so many treasures if you just took the time to look. This little bag was only a few dollars and is by Tommy Hilfiger. It needed just a little cleaning and was as good as new! And matched my hair perfectly! 

I went teal back in August 2015, right before we went to WDW and got engaged. It was so incredibly fun to have my favorite color as also my hair color, and so much fun to feel like a mermaid in the most magical place on Earth!

This bag is definitely something you will have already have seen, since it was featured on my Luxury Purchases of 2017. It is my favorite style of bag and my favorite color, you seriously cannot beat that!!

And now we are up to current day! We did this August 2017 and I am absolutely loving it! As is my husband I'm sure, seeing as it's his favorite color. And funny enough, it matches our living room walls!

This lovely bag totally gives me Gucci vibes, from a Spring ago I believe? You know the one! Anyhow, this lovely bag was a birthday gift from my Mom this past year and I fell immediately in love! And it was perfect since I knew we were working towards fading my hair and working towards green! Man, I love coordinating!

Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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