Custom Converse Update

I have gotten my custom Converse sneakers in, and I could not be more excited! They are the comfiest sneakers ever, since they were an online purchase, they were all fresh and like two clouds. 

I placed my order on Sunday, February 4th and received it in the mail on Friday, February 16th. I was incredibly excited because they were supposed to be ready on February 26th. And since they are custom shoes, that's really no time at all! 

I'm so glad I saw Megan Ellaby's Converse and decided to go with a similar color scheme. They have fit so perfectly into my wardrobe with the black/green/gray color scheme; already what I have been gravitating towards.

I love how they look from all different angles. It's like multiple shoes in one pair, can you get better than that? My personal favorite view is from the back! They remind me of bowling shoes, and I kinda dig it.

Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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