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Happy February!! 2018 feels like it just began, (and I mean it kind of did), but it's just crazy to me that we're already one month down. Anyhow! Welcome to another homey type post! 
Something that I could not wait for growing up was being able to have my own space that could be decorated however I wanted. I had all of these ideas that I couldn't cram into my bedroom growing up, no matter how hard I tried. Then when my husband and I started dreaming of our place, I started all of these Pinterest boards for all of the decorating ideas we loved. 
One of the ideas that we mutually loved was a bar cart. I saved so many ideas and images of the best way to style a bar cart. Classic and simple or bold and colorful. So many different options! Last July, I walked into HomeGoods and found the MOST beautiful thing! A hot pink bar cart! That's right, you read that correctly, a hot pink bar cart!

It's really funny how much I love this thing. Especially someone who really dislikes the color pink. Interestingly enough, a soft strawberry milkshake-esque shade is the accent in our kitchen. However the main palette if gray and white with marble balances out with touches of soft pink. And this bold pink goes perfectly with those subtle touches of soft pink, and the few hidden pops of bold pinks throughout the kitchen.
I have had so much fun with it! For change of the season, holidays or just because of my mood, I switch it up! This is the latest addition for February. It's definitely one of my favorite parts of our kitchen. It's one of the first things you see when you walk in, and it's so bright and cheerful. 
I will be sure to post updated pictures when a new theme strikes my fancy! 
Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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