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One of my favorite things to do is organizing. Always has been. Purchasing storage containers or repurposing containers I already own, and then of course the actual organizing itself. I'm sure I sound super lame, and I'm so proud of that! To me, organization is incredibly relaxing and after a bad day, it's so therapeutic.  
As of late, I got inspired to do more organizing in our kitchen! One of my favorite YouTubers is Emma Conway of BrummyMummyOf2;  she has posted videos and Instagram stories of all the fun new organizing she has been doing. And it got me motivated and excited about adding more organizing in our kitchen. Plus, it being a new year, it seemed perfect timing! 

Seeing as our kitchen is still in the process of being 100% completed, our cupboards are without doors, so that of course means shelves are a display piece. So while we are without, I will have fun styling them up! The only thing that is a new purchase are the copper bins on the middle shelf. A few weekends ago I stumbled upon these bad boys and fell in love! They come in a pack of two for under $4! Such a steal and I cannot get enough of them!

I had so much fun this weekend with organizing them, and of course I made another trip to Wal-Mart the next day to pick up a few more. They are just the perfect size and make everything so neat and tidy and easy to find. The light pink bins are also an incredible Wal-Mart find last Summer right around back to school season. They are throughout our entire house, and help so much! 

Now it is such a treat to come down into our kitchen in the morning and see everything so neatly and beautifully displayed. It definitely works with my goal of having Glam Kitchen! And of course I will keep you updated with more changes and additions, especially a tour when it's complete!
Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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