Monthly Favorites | February 2018

February. 2018, already two down, ten more to go! And with another month come and gone, we've got new favorites!

Let's start with hair care! I don't have too many hair products in my collection. Which for someone who works at a salon and spa, I feel like a lot of people wouldn't believe that. 
Anyhow! I fell in love with this new product as soon as it launched a few months ago. Paul Mitchell's InvisibleWear Undone Texture Hairspray. It is EXACTLY what you would expect, and it's incredible. Most texturizing sprays are pumps and a wet product, while this one is a dry aerosol. This makes SUCH a difference if you're looking for a real texture spray. Plus I can go further without washing, great for funky hair colors, without using dry shampoo.
Next up, fragrance! Of course another mix. I purchased the Black fragrance from Bath and Body in their semi annual sale without knowing what they would smell like. The online description was Oud. I knew I liked candles that are in the Oud family and decided to try it. When I first spray it, I'm not a huge fan; however mixed with my body chemistry, I love it! I decided to sweeten it with a scent I love in the Fall, Bath and Body's Pumpkin Cupcake. Winning combo!
Final part of beauty favorites for the month, Elizabeth Mott's Peach Blush. This is absolutely identical to Benefit's Coralista. In LOVE. This specific blush has been in my collection for a bit, and I've been reaching for it all month, gives that perfect glow during the Winter months. 

I'm sure you will all be shocked with these two for fashion favorites! I know I've done posts specifically on both of these when they were added to my collection, so I won't ramble on! (Did anyone else have Zeppelin play in their head just then? Just me? Okay then) I've been wearing the coat everyday since I got it, and I've been wearing the pants as often as I can!  

This. Candle. Oh my goodness gracious! I picked this bad boy up a few days after Christmas at Wal-Mart in their holiday sale. And I must say, I regret only getting one. I started burning it end of December and it lasted me through most of February. Which is crazy it lasted me that long, especially how frequently I light candles. The scent is Marshmallow Candy Cane by Better Homes and Gardens. You'd think with marshmallow in the scent it would be overly sticky sweet, and it's not. It's such a great balance with the crisp freshness peppermint can sometimes have. Delicious and I hope they launch this again next holiday season!

Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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