New In.. February

For a pre-valentine's day celebration, we went for a lovely breakfast and then went shopping at a set of outlets we hadn't been to. No, my husband isn't a huge fan of shopping. However, we do enjoy adventures to new places, walking around and exploring. And on top of that, there was a Disney Store! Plus, a Bloomingdale's and Sak's. So needless to say, there was lots of excitement. 
Let's start with the Disney treats! 

These two ornaments have been on our list since they came out, specifically the Donald Duck ornament. Normally $16.95 on sale for $6.99 plus 25% off! The sweatshirt was on sale for $9.99 plus 25% off, regularly  $39.95. Then finally, the poisoned apple mug was regular price at $14.95. However, this has been a holy Grail item that I've wanted however have never seen it in park. I was so excited to finally find it! 

Another two items on our wish list! Nana from Peter Pan is something we have seen in pictures however never in the park, and we snagged this for only $10, normally $19.95! This owl is from the Disney Animators collection, already have Gus Gus from this line, and I've been dying to get the owl from Sleeping Beauty. Well we found this for only $3.99 plus 25%, normally $9.95. Then the final item was this reusable shopping bag for $1.50. 
Up next, Bloomingdale's! Surprisingly enough, I have never been to Bloomingdale's. And I must say, it didn't disappoint! 

As you can see, Miss Daisy Rose, the fellow resident fashionista absolutely loves this new jacket. As do I! I have been looking at a similar jacket from Gap, and absolutely fell in love! Similar army green, lighter fur and a higher price tag. I've been watching and waiting for it to go on sale. However while I've been waiting, I found this gem! It buttons as well as zips, and the fur is detachable if you want. I love the darker fur even more than the light colors I originally found. This jacket is BNCI by Blanc Noir and got it for $69.98, originally $280. Absolutely in love, and so warm!

Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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