The 'Ol Bag and Chains

Chained bags. They have been on my wish list, luxury and other wise, for years and years. The dream would be the Chanel Boy Bag or the Chanel 2.55. They will always be a style I will love. They're classic and have an edge, all the same time.

They have been all over my Pinterest and Instagram Style boards, I just cannot get enough! I have two in my wardrobe currently, and I've also been searching for anything new on the market that may tickle my fancy!

This is my current bag, and I'm really enjoying using it again! This bag is from Candie's via Kohl's, I switched out the yellow strap and tag are from another Kohl's bag I love by Reed. The fuzzy Fendi inspired charm is from Bath and Body Works, and was a Christmas present.

This guy is from Coach New York, and has been in my collection for almost two years. It is smaller, but it fits SO much! This was my bag I used on our honeymoon, and it worked great!
The ones I've been loving, other than Chanel, are these bad boys! 

This gorgeous beauty is from Aldo's Va Va Valentine lime, and definitely on my list if it happens to go on sale!
Boy oh boy, this metallic beauty is STUNNING! I was checking this out when we went shopping last weekend at the outlets. It was at the Sak's outlet and it's by Karl Lagerfeld. If I'm still in love and it's there the next time we go, I may have to just go for it! 

Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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