Winter White

To wear white or not to wear white after Labor Day, that is the question. Like with make-up, I believe there aren't any 'rules'. I feel that there are personal preferences, and of course there's always an exception to every 'rule'. I mean, otherwise why would they call it Winter White?

Throughout the years of me reading magazines, and fashion blogs, and being an active user on Instagram and Pinterest, I have always been drawn to certain wardrobe staples. The past few years that has always been all black outfits and styling them with different textures and cuts, so the look isn't boring. In the last year, I seem to keep pinning and saving images that have lots of black and white mixed in outfits, as well as styling the perfect white tee. 

That is something that has always alluded me. It's something that is so simple and could go with truly anything, and for some reason I struggled. But how would I fit it in to my wardrobe? Could I make it work for me? Black is so easy, it just fits for me. Plus for someone who tends to be clumsy and has a pup with dark hair, black is a safe bet. White? White has always seemed tricky to me. Til now.

I have no idea what changed and has sparked this interest and love for the color. I'm having a lot of fun adding it into everyday looks and having everything be light and bright for the drab and dull Winter months. 

**Outfit details: Sunglasses, Franco Sarto via TJMaxx - Jacket, Ralph Lauren via TJMaxx - Tee, Old Navy - Jeans, Hudson - Sneakers, Adidas

Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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