Blonde Ambition

Blonde. Who would have thought! As far as beauty and style goes, I never say never. I have thought about doing it for many years, and finally decided to take a plunge. Seeing as it's March, and I always have a hard time with it, I always need a change. So, this seemed to be the perfect time to go blonde! I also wanted to document the realistic process of it with you. With social media (and before and after pictures), you don't see the process from start to finish. I wanted to give the most accurate representation of how I went from green, to the current shade of blonde that I have now. Then of course how I get more blonde as time goes on.

Part one. Of course, the first step that needs to be taken care of is removing the green from my hair. The product that was recommended to me by one of my co-workers was L’Oreal Technique Color Zap. Inside the packaging, there are instructions depending on your hair color and level. I left it on my hair for forty minutes, and this was the result!

Part two. Since my hair came out incredibly warm and gold, the next step was to tone. I decided to try this toner from Ion Color Brilliance in Lavender Moon, and left this on for twenty minutes. As you can see, it did make a little bit of a difference, however still very gold by my root area.

Part three. Seeing as my hair was still gold after the lavender toner, I needed to add more purple to cancel out the yellow. Gotta love that color wheel! As you know, I love OverTone, and at the moment I don't currently have their pastel purple daily conditioner or weekly treatment so I had to make my own! I did two treatments of this, and my hair came out a pastel meets blonde! Not only do I love it, my hair feels amazing!

Part four. Bleaching the roots! We used bleach by Paul Mitchell, let it sit, rinse, and then followed up with a toner. Now I'm an all over blonde! 

Part five. Here are the products I'm currently using to protect and keep my color as it is. All by Paul Mitchell, Platinum Blonde Shampoo, Keratin Intensive Treatment and Forever Blonde Dramatic Repair Spray. 

Thanks for reading!!

Leah xx


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