Dear Papa...

How crazy is it that it's been a year since we last talked? And you were telling me and Tal all of those funny stories. Well, I'll give you a little recap on how stuff has been going. 
Our little pup is now a year old, and she is absolutely precious and definitely a little crazy. Teddy has become the best big brother to her and quite the teacher. Marriage is still an adventure! And like you told me, marriage is hard work. Definitely worth it, especially being with someone that you share the same level of respect with. 
Work is going great, and yes, I still love it. Which I know you would tell me "That's great, Sweetheart. If you find something you love, you never work a day." You were always right about that, and let's be honest, who is surprised about that?
Another exciting update is I've started a blog! All about fashion, beauty and home type topics, and of course my bold hair is on full display. You always pushed me to write, and I know I never did those essays; hopefully, this would make you proud. 
I think about you everyday when I look down at my right arm and see your writing, and see the bead with the flowers from your funeral. Both on my right arm. Not even a question of going on the left, because O'Bens are always right. 
I miss your turtlenecks and sweatshirts, even in the Summer. I miss your smirk and twinkle in your eye. I miss seeing you drink out of your coffee cup and your hugs. I miss your perfectly styled hair, which I wish I knew how you did. I miss you. 
 Your Piss Pot

Sunglasses: Zenni Optical | Hankerchief: From my Papa's collection | Sweatshirt: Papa's collection, National Museum of the Marine Corps | Bag: Bebe | Jeans: Levi's | Shoes: Franco Sarto | Lipstick: ColourPop Cosmetics in Buffy 

 Sweater: Thrifted from GoodWill | Sweatshirt: Papa's collection | Sneakers: Vans 

Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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