Happy Birthday to our Daisy Rose

Happy First Birthday to our sweet baby girl, Daisy Rose. Daddy's girl. Mommy's princess. Our little psycho. Our Angel. Auntie's doodlebug. Missy Moo. Angel fish. My lumberjill. The pokey little puppy.  Chewie. Little fashionista. Our nosey little rosey. 
Cannot believe a year has gone by! It seems like we were just on puppy watch waiting for you to be born, and Daddy being so excited to go and pick you out. But alas, you picked him! And I am so glad that you did. 
Right from the beginning you have been all about the clothes, the jewelry and all the beauty products. Sitting on my lap while I got ready in the morning, staring at yourself in the mirror, waiting for blush to go on your nose and sharing chapstick. So glad there's another girl in the house that gets it! 
It is hard to remember what our lives were like before you, very quiet for sure! You are the best playmate for your big brother, and you have been the best first puppy for your Daddy. We love you so incredibly much and cannot wait for more adventures with you! 
 Happy first Birthday, Daisy Rose.

Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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