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Welcome to March!  Pops of green wherever you turn. As are the questions whether my hair is green for St Patrick's Day. Never gets old! Neither do the surprised looks when I say it's been green since August.

This month's bar cart I wanted to have little touches of green and the idea of Spring , that will hopefully come soon! 

I think my favorite part of this month's bar cart is this album. This is my second copy of this vinyl (also own it on CD), and is the reason I fell in love with music; specifically rock. The original album is framed and hung up in our living room, and was my Dad's. I grew up listening to it and is my favorite cover art; completely distinct and unique. And with the green background, it was completely fitting for the month of March.

Love these little touches, gives a little sprinkle of March, St Patrick's Day and the near future of Spring coming soon. It fits perfectly in our kitchen and is a great transition to The Green Room, aka our living room.
The other fine details, this gorgeous pitcher was a Christmas gift from my parents and matches our fruit bowl, both from HomeGoods, as is the sweet Schnauzer coffee mug. As is the candle that is inside. Clearly I have an issue, but alas that's a topic for another time. The little Schnauzer is also a Christmas gift from my parents from Hobby Lobby. Lastly, the cute little cottage is a new find from The Dollar Tree.
Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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