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Prior to earlier this week, there was almost no snow left. And since it's almost Spring, I was getting so excited. Then we got a massive storm, and that was the end of that excitement. However, it did get me thinking about what I would to do for outdoor home projects once it gets warm.

Here is a little insight into what is going on in my mind! Quite a few projects, and I'm so excited to work on them! The top ones are:
  •  Weed out our back yard garden area and plant bright and happy colored flowers and plants
  • Make a Fairy Tale wooden sign to go next to the cement steps we have beside the back garden 
  •  Plant rhododendrons in between the trees we have on the edge of our property that is beside our neighbors. Extra little privacy and they bloom beautifully
  •  Paint the inside park of our wooden fence a dark Hunter Green, which is the same shade as our metal fence that it connects to
  •  Finish up last year's project of lining to driveway with bricks
  •  Put brick pavers down in the other side yard we have and make a little patio area with metal chairs, a hammock and fire pit
So excited to start these projects! There is nothing like working hard with your hands outside and being able to see the final result, and know that you did that. I will be sure to keep you posted on the before, during and after of all these projects!

Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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