Monthly Favorites | March 2018

Hooray! March is over! Finally. Somehow we made it through, with quite a few more snow storms from lovely Mother Nature. I'm just hoping that means once it all melts, the grass is even more green than usual, and the flowers are even more bold. A girl can dream, right? Not the only thing that March blessed us with, it also blessed us with a ton more favorites! So let's get started!
First up, fashion!

I'm sure these two come as a total and complete surprise. Can you hear the sarcasm oozing from those words? It feels like I have hardly taken these two items off! Realistically, I have been wearing the jacket at least three times during the week, and at least that for the sneakers.. If not more. Oops. I just cannot get enough! Every time that I put them on, I feel that much more happy. If your clothes don't make you feel that way, then why even have them in your wardrobe?
Oh, the jacket. The jacket of dreams! The jacket was a MAJOR splurge this month, however, I fell in love with it instantly. And if it's possible, I fall even more in love with it every time I take it out of my closet. The floral side I definitely love more than the plain red side, which is very surprising considering floral isn't usually my jam. With the mix of the two floral prints, the black background and the touch of inspiration of camouflage; it makes this bomber jacket a winner for me! 
Then these amazing sneakers! Oh, how I love thee! Currently my favorite pair of shoes. Which is truly saying A LOT. Because if I'm being truthful, I have quite the amazing selection of shoes. All styles and colors, shapes and sizes. But these, they are something special. I love that like the jacket, they're a two in one. With the jacket, one is hidden. But with the shoes? It's all out in the open and a heck of a lot of fun! A party on your feet if you will. I mean, how can you beat that?

Next up, beauty!

Again, these products will come as no surprise to anyone, I'm sure. These four products have become a part of my daily routine and have quickly become a part of my holy grail list. And to be fair, it takes a lot to get on there. Not only to enjoy it while I'm using it, but also repurchasing it when I'm left with empties. 
Anastasia Beverly Hills' Aurora Glow Kit. Oh. My. God. The highlights in this palette are truly out of this world. The six shades are stellar. I mean if we're going there with the pun, we may as well just really take it there. Anyhow! All six blend incredibly well on my fair skin, and don't look like too much, or not enough. I find that with a lot of products that are marketed as a highlight, they work great as a blush, but way too dark as a highlight. Does anyone else have that problem, or is just me? My favorite two shades are the blue (orion) and the green (helia). It sounds a little crazy putting blue and green highlighters on your skin, but they do not look like a Crayola box exploded on your cheekbones. It gives the perfect icy highlight effect, exactly what a fair girl who loves cooler undertones would love!
Bye Bye Undereye Concealer by It Cosmetics. Another life changer! For March being the month I truly don't enjoy, I sure did discover some amazing beauty buys this month!  I discovered this product initially from receiving it in an Ipsy bag. I was excited to see if the shade they sent me would be light enough for me. This is in fact the lightest shade they make for this line of concealers, however I have been through this many times before. It's the lightest shade the company makes, and it is still too dark for me. So of course, I tried it and was pleasantly surprised! Not only was it light enough, it blended great, gave incredibly full coverage and didn't crease as I wore it throughout the day! Occasionally, one or two of those traits will be in a concealer, but rarely all four! 
Buffy by ColourPop Cosmetics. The absolutely PERFECT 90s brown lip, and I am absolutely loving it with my new hair color! I have worn this almost every single day since I got this in the mail. Definitely a shade to try by them!
Corrective Concealer- Erase and Conceal by ELF. This was just a spur of the moment purchase while doing our weekly errands. I saw it and was intrigued wondering if it would actually do anything. And I figured for the low price of $4, it was worth a try. I was not disappointed! My skin has been going through a really good patch, and doesn't really need a ton of coverage. However, I do have scars from past acne marks, discoloration and dark circles that need some help. This palette does amazing things! Most of the month all I have been wearing is this with finishing powder on top, and a touch of the It Cosmetics concealer if my undereye area needs a lot of extra help. The colors do not look crazy bold on the skin, but they still correct it nicely; plus they blend like a dream! For $4, you need to get it and try it! 

Thanks for reading!
Leah xx


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