Not Blue, Not Green. It's Aquamarine

Mineral Co by Bath and Body Works' Aquamarine
Ocean Water | Mint Leaf | Wet Stone

 Instax Mini 8 in Blue | Zenni Optical glasses
I stopped at Bath and Body for a cheeky little poke around to see what was new and if there was any excellent sale. And of course, there was. Their foaming hand soaps were on sale 5 for $23, plus there were lots of new things! 
There were lots of new Spring 3 wick candles, my personal favorite was Mint. Then there were three new scents inspired by crystals/stones. If you know anything about me, I was super excited! My favorite things combined; crystals, body care products and fragrance.
There was Moonstone: Bergamot, Muguet and Lunar Musk. Rose Quartz: Rose Water, Lily Petals and Fresh Patchouli. Then of course the Aquamarine. Before I talk about the Aquamarine and why I got it, I gotta ask. Why is Patchouli ALWAYS combined with Rose Quartz? My favorite stone and my least favorite scent. Why, oh why? 
Moving on to Aquamarine! For one, I love the color and the packaging. I'm always a sucker for good packaging. This scent is really fresh, clean and has a great mint scent. It reminds me of my all time favorite scent from them, Eucalyptus Spearmint; it is my go-to candle and plug in scent. Mint is so calming and clean, no wonder I love their new Mint candle. 
I cannot wait to start wearing this! It's a perfect scent for Spring, a little different than what I go for in a fragrance, however I'm in love! Definitely worth a sniff and a try. 
Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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