Pearls of Wisdom

We have all been brought up with little pearls of wisdom. Don't mix black and brown or navy and black,  don't wear white after Labor Day and don't mix silver and gold.  
Another pearl that my Mom brought us up with, was be true to you. That is by far the most important piece of advice she consistently said to us starting very young, and all the way through our teen years.
My Sister and I definitely stood out in school, and not just from our crazy last name. We have very distinct personalities and style; and while that is the same, we are so incredibly different. 
During my middle school years, I really started to experiment with my sense of style. And of course what I was drawn to was drastically different than my friends; let alone the people that lived in the area. A lot of comments and jokes were made to me in those years. And they were done by people I considered to be my friends.

And you know what? It never phased me. I continued to be true to my own style and kept up with experimenting with fashion. That love greatly grew as I went into high school, and I knew at that point I wanted to have a career in fashion.
I'm so glad I stayed true to me and my style. Because I would have been miserable with trying to "fit in". You know what happened as my senior year approached? I got voted Best Dressed. Then all those "friends" that made comments about my style in middle school were complimenting my outfits. 
Moral of the story? Always stay true to yourself. 

Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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