Mail Call | April 2018

Oh goodness, is it already time for another mail call? I do believe it is! I am happy to report I am writing this outside in our backyard. The absolutely perfect day, sunny with a little breeze, birds chirping and dogs playing. You just cannot beat Spring in New England. Especially when we actually have Spring weather. It was well worth the wait!
This month's list definitely looks a little small, and that is because of  a couple reasons. The first being I did a few in store purchases, definitely more than I usually do. And the second reason being I have been attempting to be more conscious of my purchases; specifically with my renewed minimalist frame of mind. Asking of course the questions of do I really need this? If this were full price, would I still purchase it? Is there a real need for it in my life? If the answer was yes, in my cart it went!
The first lovely item to be featured has quite the great story attached to it. Some may believe me, and others will probably think I'm exaggerating. However, if you have ever met any of my family's dogs over the years, or you're a self proclaimed dog person yours, then you'll understand. This Jimmy Choo fragrance was collectively picked out by my little Daisy Rose and myself. For those of you who do not know, Daisy is our year old chocolate lab who is quite the fashionista. 
I came home from work a week ago with a new issue of InStyle sitting on the dining room table waiting for me. Anytime a new magazine issue is out and just sitting there, waiting to be read makes me incredibly happy. I dropped it on the coffee table in the living room so I could enjoy it that night. As a I started to walk off, Daisy went over to it, and of course, I assumed she was going to try and eat it. That girl does love herself some paper and cardboard. She didn't do that at all, she was smelling the pages. Totally confused, I wracked my brain to figure out what she was doing. Then it hit me. The fragrance and perfume ads!! So of course, we had to sit down and thoroughly smell each one. The ones she loved got lots of sniffs and kisses, while the ones she didn't enjoy got an immediate head back up and the look of  "next, please, Mommy". The only one she and I completely agreed on was Jimmy Choo's L'eau.

For the scent, its notes are: Bergamot, Hibiscus, Nectarine, Peony, Musk and Cedarwood. Prior to purchasing, I looked it up online to see what the notes were in this, just out of curiosity, and wasn't surprised in the slightest. In the past year, I have discovered that I really enjoy perfume, candles and reed diffusers that have Bergamot, Cedarwood and Sandalwood. Two out of the three, not too shabby.
I checked out how much the different sizes were on different sites online, and depending on where you found it, the price adjusted for the same ounce size. I started with the 2oz size, and figured even if I wasn't a fan, I loved the bottle. According to their magazine ad, this size should be $80. Well I snagged it from for only $29.60, plus a little shipping! And it turns out I LOVE IT! How can you beat that?

Ta-da, April's Ipsy bag! Such a fun and happy Spring bag, and a gorgeous combination of purple, pink, metallic pink and white. This month's bag consisted of: Firma eye shadow brush, Ciate's Starstruck liquid liner with star stamp on the end (so excited to test this out!), Steve Laurent blush, Nots' Once Finishing Cream with SPF  30 and last but no means least, a pore tightening mask by Biorace.

New in from H&M! These items are the most amazing items, and I could not wait to get them in the mail. These shoes were on my latest shopping wish list, and was so excited to have found a more affordable option than the pairs that I found on Aldo. These are the easiest shoes to walk in, and so comfy. They look tricky, however they definitely aren't! It's 100% worth the purchase. These towels were the initial purchase I was going to make, and instantly fell in love. And my husband fell in love, too! And I gotta say, if your husband cares about something like bath towels, then you gotta get them.

Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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