Monthly Favorites | April 2018

Seeing as Spring has finally sprung in New England, the Spring wardrobe is finally out and getting some much needed love! Seriously so excited. And with the warmer weather finally being here, that means this month is almost all fashion favorites! Plus, lots of other fun things, too. 
My Levi's skinnies have barely been off of my body, I love them so incredibly much. They are just like a second skin to me at this point, they're the perfect length, such a different shade of blue and they have the perfect amount of distressing. Plus they are the perfect compliment to all of my other favorites this month!

My newfound love of blush has definitely surprised me. I mean, how much of a millennial am I? And I hate that. However, I really do love the shade. Actually, let's call it rose quartz instead of blush. Yeah, I like that better. With any new hair color I get, I always like to switch up my accessories, clothing and make-up a bit; and with that being said this new shade and my blonde hair was a match made in heaven. Plus it's an excellent pop of color with my usually monochrome wardrobe.

I've discovered I do love me a good loose tee and a choker necklace. I mean, I am a child of the 90's, so it's only fair, right? Both of these collections have been ever growing, and are definitely becoming my go-to style essentials with the warmer weather. Especially accompanied with my Levi's.

On to beauty! I'm sure these will not come as to any surprise to you because I have been wearing them almost everyday since I got each of these. I've been obsessed with ColourPop's Double Entendre eye shadow palette, so many looks in one palette! Soft and muted, bold and copper or dark and smoky. It's just the perfect compliment to the new blonde hair and my hazel green eyes. And while on the topic of my hair being blonde, my eyebrows are still dark. And I gotta tell you, I love the contrast. My new favorite product to make them look killer? Anastasia Beverly Hills Waterproof Creme Color in the shade Sable. A little GOES A LONG WAY. Keep that in mind about this product! Which is great because for something which is a bit pricier, it is something that will last a long time.

My hair? I have discovered a newfound love for putting some curls in it. What prompted the newfound love for curls/waves? I picked up a new mini straightener from Sally's Beauty, and it's the perfect size for the length of my hair to give me the exact size of the curls I want! 
Another incredible item I got this month that deserves an honorable mention, Barq's Root Beer Chapstick! A little random, however it tastes EXACTLY like the soda! It's amazing!  
Other random favorites? 
Sweet Potato chips by Good Thins | Mrs. Meyers Basil spray | Wilde Like Me by Louise Pentland | Series of Unfortunate Events and Riverdale on Netflix

Thanks for reading!! 
Leah xx


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