Spring Fever | New In Hair Care

Do blondes have more fun? I have yet to decide that. However, I am having a BLAST trying out and finding new hair products. With my past Crayola hair colors, I kind of got in a rut with the hair products that I was using. Not necessarily a bad thing, because they are all incredible products and worked great with my hair. However, having a new hair color (that's slightly more natural tone), it's fun to try new products that work for that new color. 
OGX Lavender Luminescent Platinum conditioner
OGX Bamboo Fiber Full- Sugar High Tousle spray
Not Your Mother's Blonde Moment Seal & Protect Leave-In
Ion Color Brilliance creme toner in Snow Cap and Icy White
These are still relatively new and I will be sure to let you know my favorites and not so favorites of the crew! I have already fallen in love with some of them, and still trying to figure out the best way to use some others.
Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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