Spring Fever | Two Week Review

Two weeks ago, I posted about lots of lovely new items that had been added to my beauty routine. For both skin care as well as hair care. At the time, some had just been picked up while other items I had for a week or two and had been able to play with them. Now that two weeks have gone by, I can give a review on what I think about these lovely items! 
First up, skin care. 
There is only one item I hadn't gotten a chance to add to my everyday routine, and that was Roc's Retinol Complexion Sensitive Night Cream. Like I had said in my original post, this item is something I have heard TONS about for quite a while! So needless to say, I was super excited to try it. 
With retinol, it is recommended to be careful in its use. When you first start, it is suggested to use retinol every other night, then in the morning use sunscreen. It can take a bit for your skin to adjust, and tingling is normal. I was extremely excited to see that they had a sensitive option, since my skin can be temperamental. For a few tries, I stuck to the every other day routine. Seeing as my skin reacted great to it, I switched to everyday. Not sure about you, however if a product is going to work with my skin, I will notice within days. And boy, oh boy, was I impressed. I noticed a very big difference in my skin after night two of using it.
My skin has scarring from when I was younger, acne dark spots from my teen years, and my pores are much larger than I would like. With adding this into my routine, I have noticed a really large difference. It is smoother, more even and the pores are already smaller.
Next up, hair care.
OGX- Lavender Luminescent Platinum conditioner. Well for starters, it smells amazing. I am always a huge fan of this line, especially the conditioners. This is the fourth conditioner I have tried from them, and my hair ALWAYS feels incredible after using it. This has a slight pigment to it, as does almost all of the other items in my current hair routine. Is it keeping the blonde because of this product alone? That, I don't know. However, it is definitely helping it and after all of the color removal process and the lightening, it helps keep it feeling great.
OGX- Bamboo Fiber Full Sugar High Tousle spray. I am still a little confused about this. I got it hoping it would be an alternative to my new favorite Invisible Wear by Paul Mitchell Undone Texture Spray. Well, it's not. It is a very wet spray, it doesn't have any hold, but it does smell incredible. It is meant to be used on dry hair, and that did nothing for me. I have started putting it in my damp hair prior to blow-drying and I have noticed I feel more texture. I'm still trying to figure out the best way to use it, so I can love it. 
Not Your Mother's- Blonde Moment Seal and Protect Leave-in spray. I absolutely love this! Smells great and it is a great substitute for Paul Mitchell's Forever Blonde Dramatic Repair Spray. It also has a tint to it, too! Absolutely love this stuff.
Ion Color Brilliance- Creme toner in Snow Cap and Icy White. ABSOLUTELY love these! Icy White has become my absolute favorite! It gives a gorgeous icy-ashy-blonde, and I love it. The PERFECT blonde that I have in my head.
Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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