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I love that fashion is ever changing; along with that, your style adjusts and grows. Evolves, if you will. I always find it interesting to see the items and trends that I'm not really into at first, then a brand or a store styles it interesting or makes it in an interesting color or fabric, then I'm hooked. It's amazing how tweaking something ever so slightly can change your thoughts. 
Here's a few of my favorite things... I hope you read that like Julie Andrews was singing. If not, you just did. You're welcome. Anyhow, let's get started!
Let's kick it off with fashion, because we all know that's my favorite.

First style trend up is Unbalanced Proportions. I have become OBSESSED. The first image that changed my mind was the top left image, Megan Ellaby and her over-sized sweater, Snoopy bag and just fell in love with the structure of the outfit. Typically I've stayed away from heavy top styled outfits that overpower the bottom half. But done right, it looks incredible. Another outfit that got me to fall in love was from the Tommy Hilfiger Instagram account, second row from the bottom and all the way to the right; as a result, I'm now all about the oversize hoodie.

Style trend number two! Graphic tees. Specifically tied (like in the bottom right picture). I have quite the graphic tee collection, mainly consisting of band tees, Disney tees and a handful of 80s movies. I definitely have quite the niche. I was watching Zoe Sugg's latest vlog and she was trying on items before she went to New York, and styled her graphic tee by tying it up. Ever since, I've re-found a love for my collection.
Next up, beauty!

(Top to bottom: Hemp by bareMinerals, Extra by bareMinerals, Urban Safari by L'Oreal x Balmain and Buffy by ColourPop)
Nude lips have become my absolute favorite lately. Typically I love a great bold pink lip or a really deep dark lip, and I definitely still do. However for Spring, I'm ALL about the nude lip!! These four have been the most recent additions to my collection, and they are seriously all I have been wearing. They're amazing!

Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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