The Secret to my Clear Skin

In the past seven months, my skin has been having a troublesome time. In the past month, that has all changed! The secret? One cup of spearmint tea a day.
That's it. One cup of spearmint tea changed everything. A little over a month ago I saw Helena Glazer Hodne of Brooklyn Blonde posted about a post on her blog focusing on skin care and how drinking one cup of spearmint tea improved her skin quickly. 
My interest of course was piqued and made me wonder if that is actually possible. My skin had been having a really hard time with stubborn breakouts. Specifically my chin area, that would come about and last partially under the surface and partially above and just sit there. They would disappear, a few more would appear, they would go away and then the original ones would come back. No matter how intense or simple I made my skin care routine, my skin stayed in the same condition.
A cup of tea a day? Pretty simple, especially if it helps. 
I am happy to tell you, this trick works WONDERS! I have been doing this for the past month, and I have noticed a mega difference in my skin; my Mom even did, too! Over the course of the month I have had four teeny tiny breakouts that have disappeared almost as quickly as they appeared. That, I can definitely handle!

Thanks for reading!
Leah xx


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