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Thanks to the lovely invention of Instagram, I discovered one of the most brilliant ideas for a website. It is a site that has designer accessories, furniture and much, much more! This incredible gem is how I'm going to be able to afford my dream bag from Chanel. 
The concept of the bag is "save to buy what you want, pay with savings, not with credit". And if that isn't the most brilliant idea, I truly don't know what is. Instead of spending tons of money you don't actually have with a credit card, you pay with money you actually have. Once you pick the item you want to have in your collection, you decide the payment plan that would work best for you. You can choose if you want to pay daily or weekly, and also get to choose how much you would like to pay. 

Not only all of that, but it also tells you with your chosen payment plan, when you can expect the item you chose to be yours. So if you add a few more dollars, each week, how much sooner you will get your holy grail item. Or if you pay a little bit each day, how soon you will get the item. 
How incredible is this site! I cannot believe something like this is actually out there, and totally wish I thought of it first. Pure genius.

Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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