What I Wore | Life is Too Short for Clothes You Don't Love

I am so ready for Spring, what about you? We have had days here and there, little glimpses of warmer weather coming. However, as I write this and look outside, it is gray and it's sleeting. Not exactly what you're hoping for mid April. 

Anyhow! I have been coming up with different ideas of what I cannot wait to wear once it is more warm. And of course I have gotten excited with the few warm days we have had, and may have switched my Winter items out for my Spring items. Oops. This look though? I cannot wait to wear constantly, the tee and dress are so soft and comfortable while the choker, bag and sneakers elevate the look. 

This look is full of new items this Spring with the exception of my chucks, and they are new to 2018. My style has definitely evolved and changed over the years. And this simple look, a combination of easy items are where I am at. Effortless, while still looking chic. Nothing uncomfortable that I'm constantly tugging at, and nothing I don't 110% love. Life is too short for clothes you don't love.

Choker: Target | Tee: Universal Threads via Target | Dress: Calvin Klein via TJMaxx| Bag: A New Day via Target | Sneakers: Converse 

Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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